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  • MetroVac DataVac ESD Safe Electric Duster ED-500ESD

    The MetroVac DataVac is designed to provide you with a powerful, portable electronics safe solution for dust removal and cleaning. Using a powerful 500W motor with a peak output of 0.75HP the DataVac has the power to remove stubborn dust and dirt, while the dry air filter keeps your electronics…


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  • Powertek Air Duster 400ml

    The Powertek canned air duster blows dust and debris from hard to reach places without touching or rubbing delicate electronics or lenses. Features a removable extension nozzle, it's great for removing debris from keyboards, PCs, laptops, projectors, stereos, game consoles, cameras and more.


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  • Laser PC Cleaning Kit

    …and keyboards. The wipes are lint free so they won't leave behind any residues. The alcohol free, antistatic formula of the cleaning spray is non abrasive and reduces the build up of dust. The kit contains a 125 mL cleaning spray, a 150 mL air duster, 10 absorbent wipes and a keyboard cleaning tool.


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