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Cryorig C7

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  • Cryorig C7 Compact Top Flow CPU Cooler

    The CRYORIG C7 is small yet powered and was designed to be a solution for all cases and PC systems. With a height of just 47mm, the C7 fits into almost all aftermarket cases, while packing cooling tech only found on full sized tower coolers. It pushes up to 40.5 CFM at a rated speed of 600 ~ 2500RPM…


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  • Cryorig C7 Cu Full Copper Compact Top Flow CPU Cooler

    Taking advantage of copperaE s superior thermal conductivity, the Cryorig C7 Cu is capable of achieving a additional 15% of thermal performance compared to the standard C7. This is added performance without adding extra size or Fan RPM/CFM/dBA. It's made to solve heatsink size limitations in SFF/ITX…


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