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Cryorig C7

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  • Cryorig C7 Cu Full Copper Compact Top Flow CPU Cooler

    Taking advantage of copperaE s superior thermal conductivity, the Cryorig C7 Cu is capable of achieving a additional 15% of thermal performance compared to the standard C7. This is added performance without adding extra size or Fan RPM/CFM/dBA. It's made to solve heatsink size limitations in SFF/ITX…


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  • Cryorig C7 Compact Top Flow CPU Cooler

    The CRYORIG C7 is small yet powered and was designed to be a solution for all cases and PC systems. With a height of just 47mm, the C7 fits into almost all aftermarket cases, while packing cooling tech only found on full sized tower coolers. It pushes up to 40.5 CFM at a rated speed of 600 ~ 2500RPM…


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  • Cryorig sTR4 Upgrade Kit

    …C1 series, H5 series and H7 Quad Lumi. With the new sTR4 Upgrade Kit users are able to use their favourite CRYORIG air cooling solutions with both 1st Gen and 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPUs. *Coolers with less than 4 heatpipes are not suggested, as well as the ultra-compact C7 series coolers.


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