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Antlion Modmic 5

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  • AntLion ModMic 5 Dual Capsule Microphone

    The AntLion ModMic 5 delivers flexibility and performance all in one. Select between noise cancelling and studio recording modes with the flick of a switch. Cable management has never been better, thanks to a modular system and included cable wrap and clips. Features: Innovative dual mic capsule for…


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  • AntLion USB Adapter

    The AntLion Audio USB adapter allows your ModMic to work seamlessly on any Mac device. The ModMic requires 5v of phantom power, which unfortunately, is not provided by the majority of Mac computers. The USB adapter will allow you to instantly plug both your headphones and mic into a single port…


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  • Antlion Audio XLR Power Converter

    The Antlion XLR Power Converter is the most efficient way to use a ModMic with a mixer, audio interface, or other 48v, 3-pin, XLR power source. The converter decreases the operating voltage to a safe level for all 5v, 3.5mm, microphones. When paired with a ModMic 5, you get the full quality youaE d…


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