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  • Anti-Static Mat 50 x 60cm

    Measuring 50 x 60cm, the Anti-Static Mat allows you to ground yourself and your work surface to prevent damage from electrostatic discharge (ESD). Comes included with a grounding cable. Specifications: PVC Anti-Static Mat with Grounding Cable Surface Resistivity: 10e7 ~ 10e10 ohm/m² Charge Decay: <…


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  • MetroVac DataVac ESD Safe Electric Duster ED-500ESD

    anti-static dusting system developed specifically to keep expensive electronic office equipment thoroughly clean and operating at peak efficiency. It is much more compact and comfortable to use than previous models and features a new, almost unbelievably powerful 500-Watt motor. The Anti-Static


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  • Elastic Anti-Static Wrist Strap Blue

    …upgrade or remove components you should be wearing an anti-static wrist strap. Electrostatic discharge can kill electronic components quickly and silently, you may not even know it has happened and it may void your warranty. The elastic anti-static wrist strap is a safety device used to channel…


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  • Anti-Static Brush

    The Anti-Static Brush is made from special conductive plastics with an elastic brush allowing you to clean components without causing damage. Specifications: Elastic brush, to avoid damage to the components Resistance: 103~106W Bristle Hardness: Semi-fine Bristle Dimensions: 2.16in x 1.57in x 0.23in


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  • 58 Piece PC Tech Tool Kit STK-8918

    This tool kit is specifically designed to service and maintains a wide variety of computer related peripherals and components. All tools are fully demagnetized to protect your computer's hard drive or magnetic media from damage. The slim zipper case to protect all tools and keep each tool organized.…


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  • 102 Piece Computer Tool Kit

    This tool kit has almost everything you could need - screwdrivers, spanners, hex keys, voltage tester, ratchet driver, cutter/stripper, crimping tool, anti-static wrist strap, spare parts such as washers, jumpers, the list goes on and on!


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