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2tb External

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  • ADATA HD830 Rugged 2TB External HDD

    Whereas other external drives might be durable, the ADATA HD830 is virtually indestructible. It features a 2TB capacity, a robust triple-layer construction and sturdy aluminium exterior that can withstand 3000kg of downward pressure. WhataE s more, itaE s waterproof and dustproof.


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  • ADATA HV620S 2TB 2.5in External HDD Black

    The ultra-portable ADATA HV620S packs 2TB of external storage in a drive thataE s only 11.5mm thick. The design also shines with a mirror-like gloss, simple but elegant and fitting for dependable, go-anywhere storage that runs via fast USB 3.1. For all your content and with nearly universal device…


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